How To Unblock A Toilet Quickly

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No matter who you are, at some point you’re going to be faced with a clogged toilet. Not something any of us looks forward to facing, but you need to be well prepared for when it does happen, because you don’t want to be heading down to the store to purchase a plunger with the block still in place. Not great for anyone else who needs to use the bathroom while the clog is still in place, and probably not great for the odor of the house either.


So, how do you know when a toilet’s clogged? Well that is pretty straight forward – the water level comes up higher than normal and if you continue to flush the toilet you’ll find that it overflows from the bowl onto the floor.

So, the basic piece of equipment that your going to need is an item called a plunger. There are different types of plungers on the marketing, but the plunger that we would recommend would be one that has a solid wooden handle. There are other styles on the market that are plastic, almost like an accordion, we don’t recommend those. There are dual purpose plungers that are designed to work with both a sink and a toilet. The difference being that the dual purpose plungers have a little pocket that can be pulled out from the bottom of the cup that fit nicely into the bottom of the toilet bowl that help to create a strong seal when the plunger is being used.

So How Do You Unblock A Toilet?

So, once have your plunger, (and your clogged toilet) the first thing you need to do is insert your plunger into the toilet, stand up. You want to be directly over the top, and you simply push down on the stick of the plunger. You’ll notice that the cup kind of collapses inside itself, but don’t worry, that is exactly what you want to see. You then need to pull back on the stick, and it is this pulling back motion that will help to clear the blockage. You’ll probably need to do this a few times, before removing the plunger from the bowls and seeing if the water level starts to go down. If not then simply repeat the above steps a few more times and then check to see if you’re successful. And that is how to unblock a toilet quickly!

If after carrying out these steps you’re still unsuccessful and the water level simply won’t drop, then you’re probably going to need to call a licensed Naperville plumber to carry out the repair for you.